Haunted Hollywood Sports gives guests the chance to satisfy their bloodlust
Article and Photos by: Scott Feinblatt
So You Wanna Kill a Zombie...
I'm not much of a paintball kinda guy,
but I recently made a trip to
Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park.
While this Season of the Witch has
been full of haunts for us to check out,
it is not too common that one gets an
opportunity to actually shoot a zombie.
Thus, when the opportunity arose,
well...here we are!

The adventure begins with the old
“open your bag”, “put all metal objects
on the table” and “spread your arms”
treatment. After going through this at
Rob Zombie haunt (and every time
I go to an airport while I have a beard),
I have simply accepted the treatment
as a necessary cost of admission.
After all, there's always the chance that someone is going to want to use a .38 Special on a zombie instead of a
paintball gun – it's the only way to be sure.
Each haunt that we've visited
this season has had its own
slightly tailored audience. There
seemed to be a slightly higher
number of fellows than ladies at
this one, and they tended to be
in the teenage-20's range.
Several employees said that
many of the guests were regular
customers at the park. Indeed,
while I waited in one of the lines,
the enthusiastic young
gentlemen in front of me chatted
away about combat strategy and
concern that civilian guests
would cramp their style once
they were given license to fire
upon the undead.
The park, itself, was quite expansive. The décor was most pleasing and instantly transported guests to an
alternate realm. Wandering zombies and the Carnival of the Damned, an open-air “Scarezone” located along
the path, made the fairground experience complete. Additional non-haunt attractions included a climbing wall
called “Suicide Rock” and a nightclub called “Club Crimson” which was just as colorfully decorated for the
occasion as it was beautifully designed architecturally. Outside the club, an entertaining shadow vignette played
in one of the front windows.
There were three mazes at the park: Cannibal Caverns,
Venom and All American Armageddon. Each of them had
its own charms. The designs were well done, and,
interestingly enough, many of the performers –
particularly in Cannibal Caverns – were probably less than
12 years old. The respective themes of the mazes
provided a nice morbid spectrum. As for the main event,
shooting zombies, there were three “Killhouses” and a
shooting range. While the shooting range provided an
opportunity to practice target shooting – using a pellet
gun on zombie dummies and various hanging objects –
the Killhouses allowed guests to shoot the performers.

Voodoo Killhouse and Deadman's Trail Killhouse provided
the most action. Using pellet guns and lazer rifles (which
shot blasts of air), respectively, guests were quickly
shepherded through maze-like sets. The zombies were
always behind barricades of various sorts (mostly broken-
out windows or short walls) which somewhat removed the
threat of physical contact, but then, perhaps this was
safest for all parties concerned. In any event, the
uniqueness of the experience was a pleasant novelty. The
Zombie Killhouse was not as frenetic an experience; the
guests, armed with paintball guns, lined up behind a
barricade and attempted to prevent approaching zombies
from reaching a canister, which represented a biological

Overall, the entire park provided a very entertaining
experience. The mazes and killhouses provided a nice balance of Halloween-themed entertainment. However,
the admission ticket is not comprehensive; the general admission ticket will get you into the mazes, but guests
wanting to actually shoot zombies will have to pay extra. For more information about the park and additional
details about more Scarezone activities at Haunted Hollywood Sports, check out their
site. Happy hunting!
To see additional photos of Haunted Hollywood Sports, visit the Horror Works Facebook page.