Haunted attractions don't only occur around Halloween, thank goodness! If you live in the Midwest,
then you might know about
Wisconsin Dells, where there are several haunted houses that operate
year-round. For folks who live in Las Vegas (or are in the LA area and enjoy those 5 hour “Vegas
Baby” road trips), there is Eli Roth's
Goretorium. But short of those few and far-between stops,
horror fans mostly have to rely on horror movies and Disneyland's Haunted Mansion to get our
dose of atmospheric entertainment for the better part of a year.

Luckily, for those of us who feel the desire to be tormented as a form of life-affirmation, there are
people like Melissa Carbone who want to help us. Carbone is the founder of
Ten Thirty One
Productions, a special effects entertainment company which also creates events like the "Los
Angeles Haunted Hayride,” the “New York Haunted Hayride” and, this summer, the “Great Horror
What mainly set the “Great Horror
Campout” apart from most other
haunted attractions – apart from its
taking place in June instead of October
– was the fact that it was an immersive
experience. It is held at the 32 acre
Los Angeles State Historic Park and it
involves attending an overnight camp,
wherein you are vulnerable to being
terrorized at any given moment [yes,
even when you are asleep in your
tent]. But the terror doesn't end after
the performers shout the proverbial,
“Boo!” By signing up for this event, you
become subject to having a sack
thrown over your head and being
whisked off to a cage, car trunk, etc.,
where you can be locked up for...an
indefinite period.
A monster in overalls points out where unsuspecting campers might wind
up spending their evening.
There are, of course, rules to the
engagements – rules which are gleefully
changed at the camp programmers' whims;
however, in the event that you don't have
what it takes to survive a half hour or so in
confinement, you are allowed to cry the
safety phrase of “I want my mommy,” and
you will be allowed to live the rest of your
life in shameful peace.

Highlights of the camp-out revolve around
the “Hell Hunt,” a scavenger hunt through
an impressive maze / obstacle course (“Hell
Zone”), wherein campers find items that
can be used to barter their way out of
being locked away. The camp also features
all night horror films, buffet style dinner,
roasting marshmallows and breakfast to
those who survive through the night!
Another backwoods-type scours the ground. He's either already begun
the "Hell Hunt" or he's examining the burial mound of a former camper.
For more information on The Great Horror Campout, visit their official site.
Looks like Superman wasn't in time to save this poor lass.                                 Photos by Scott Feinblatt
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